Les Femmes des Fleur | Celebrating 70 Years of Dior

To create and define a vision, carried years beyond, is a testament to the art, and the artist. To call Christian Dior a designer seems unfair, or inept in description. Instead, he is the iChing of definitive womanly elegance. Rejecting the status quo, as most innovators do, he draped layers upon layers of fabric creating beautifully exaggerated hemlines. Opting instead to celebrate a woman’s woman-ness through shape and tailoring, applique and embroidery- thus creating a demure prowess of wearable art. He had a proclivity for taking style beyond a dress, equally celebrating the details; footnoting fashion with accessories and fragrance.

Qui est-elle? The Dior woman is art, in human form. She is emboldened, by the symbiotic relationship between woman and wardrobe. Though her intricately placed appliqué may be delicate, she is not. Instead, Miss Dior is the juxtaposition of confidence and strength, elegance and grace.

It took but a decade to solidify his vision in fashion culture- and from Yves to Chiuri, the bones of the brand remain- lovely. Each piece tells the story of a woman: creating a memory, a moment, or simply celebrating her individual womanhood, in pieces of art that that blare strength and femininity, as defined by its original artist, Mr. Dior.



Stairway to Couture Heaven…

Seeing Red…

When the World is your inspiration…

Femme Noir

Strength is in the details…

I am every one of these women!

I was inspired by the Dior esthetic- length, layers, lamé.
Vintage skirt and blouse.
Shoe: Oscar de la Renta
Caplet- NYC

And so the ending, is a peek into the beginning.

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