Sir Madame | Palais Lascaris

Imagine a home with its own song.  Envision a palace, a musical instrument museum with a collection of over 500 instruments.

Enter, into 17th Century grandeur of opulence, where baroque ceilings painted with images of fairies as Gods and Goddesses greet you, their stories brimmed in gold.   Climb the majestic staircase to the chapel filled with music inspiring part prayer, part poetry. Feel the warmth of rose painted halls, separating each room’s exertion of its own personality. Move from room to room of papered walls and 12-foot doors hanging on hinges, floating on the sounds of violin strings or piano keys, as if hoping to never cease dancing- withstanding the wear of time.

Marvel a boudoir, so magnificent one could only refer to it as a boudoir indeed, fit for a king, or queen; perhaps the home of its own passionate music.

A palace simultaneously modest, as it is grand, inspired a dress that could withstand its eloquence. Instrumental for the day’s theme, in vintage by Caprice, I channeled Stevie’s Wonder(ous) Sir Duke in celebration of sound, strings, and the Palace Lascrais.





‘An instrument is the sole and precious witness to music that was performed in the past.’

Perhaps a soiree of friends invited to sit in the salon listening to the melody of a harp.

String me along…


When a dress meets its moment…


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