One, but not done! Happy Birthday Facemaid!!!

Within this space, I have found an outlet to express myself creatively, emotionally, and artistically, while sharing and celebrating the beauty I am blessed to experience in this non-traditional career (I was supposed to go to Law School), in the most dynamic city in the world (mostly New York), with my family, friends, and clients(too many to name!)  I wanted this to be a space of beauty, to share and celebrate the places, people, and product that add a little, or a lot, of pretty in my life.

I have learned so many things since launching this blog:  To author the definition of my name, no matter how unconventional, to use my voice, because I have things to say; and most of all, during the moments my brain has felt empty, to equally celebrate and appreciate the little things, where the most beautiful lessons can be found.

We’re a year old, and this is just the beginning!!!  There are so many adventures to come.:)FullSizeRender-106

THANK YOU, for stopping by, and letting me share with you!!!

exes and oohs,

Jennifer Fleming,





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It’s Here…It’s Here…It’s Here…It’s Here!!!!

My predisposition to fantasy leaves me living in perpetual theme inciting inspiration for not only my daily attire, but in my travels as well…A movie, a color, an icon, all evoke a feeling, a vibe…expressed via fashion and face…thus this virtual brain space was born…

FACEMAID | Celebrate The Pretty

FACEMAID is a celebration of inspiration encapsulating everything I love: fashion, film, places, products…all the ways I decorate my life, in theme…

I believe…In Having a Theme Song…In Love…In Experiencing the World (some call this travel)…In Caftans and Kimonos…In Midi Skirts and Maxi Dresses…I Believe in Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick…In Grandmas and Rose Gold…In Inspiration…In Hope…In Moisturizer and Liquid Liner…I believe in Natural Beauty AND Full Glam…In Mascara, Lashes, Mascara, (in that order)…I believe in Big Curly Hair and Fresh Flowers…I believe Sade will always get you through…I believe Moving Your Body means You’re Dancing…In Girlfriends and Gratitude…I believe in DREAMS and IDEAS…But Most of All, I Believe You Should


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