Ross & Rachel | NYC & Me…

To my bae, New York City,
you were as aggressive now, as our very first meeting.
Even back then at thirteen, I dreamed of a taste,
Knowing I did not wish to stay, you know, forever…
Still, enamored by the haste drawing the dog walkers and day traders;
And so, eleven years ago, we began our dance…

In-between stops at nail salons and coffee shops,
You challenged what I thought I wanted,
Giving what I did not know I needed…
Now, with a woman’s eyes I spy, your androgyny.
A heart, home to a hustler,
Frustrating and indulgent,
We made love, to make up time, from ghosting breaks
Tears between gasps of taking my breath away…

I will cherish those fleeting moments,
As coffee dates evolved into after dinner drinks
From Harlem to Soho to Meatpacking…
And perfect nights ended with  Percy’s $1 slice.
Like a lover that flirts, and follows through…
More is more, if there is more; then leaves in gratitude.
Satisfying the body’s need to repair from the night before,
With an egg and cheese on a roll.

Mr. Big, an uncommitted secret keeper,
Your deceptive exteriors camouflage glamorous interiors.
Relentless, still you leave space for endless opportunities,
But your impatience was beginning to wear on me.
Lessons taught by no other teacher,
Created a woman wrought, by the figurative hands of a city,
Part woman,  part man.

And while your kiss is as passionate as your punch is painful
This is not so much goodbye, rather ‘See you later.’
To be counted as a break, not a break-up,
Like Ross and Rachel.

xo, Facemaid


Thanks to: Percy’s Pizza and Kim Anderson @howtokim

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Madame Sophia | My Italian Beauty Muse

For years, before ever visiting, I imagined Italy and the beauty of its landscape, as Sophia Loren personified. The Sophia of the 1950’s. The Legend of the Lost Sophia- demure and mesmerizing. A perfect dichotomy between coyly aloof, and intensely passionate. Equal parts signora, and sex bomb, simultaneously.

Sophia Loren’s beauty and style is the embodiment of femininity… soft curls, turbans, head wraps, and scarves; chandelier earrings, and jeweled statement necklaces accessorize long, rounded brows, sitting against, sharp, carbon-winged eyes, and soft nude lips.

Chiffon draped shoulders and lace silhouettes, sweetheart necklines tucked into midi-skirts, where sex meets modesty. She oozes every color, and so, I themed shades of red, from the palest pantone pink to the boldest fuchsia. In skirts, scarves, lips, cheeks, nails, and embroidered details, dressed, and undressed, I channeled That Kind of Woman, Sophia.

Ciao, Ciao!


Inspiration from Sophia Loren's 1965 Vogue Cover

Inspiration from Sophia Loren’s 1965 Vogue Cover

Sophia, Sophia!!! Vogue 1965

Sophia, Sophia!!!
Vogue 1965

FACEMAID Four Roma.  My favorite products used to channel my inner Black Orchid. COVERGIRL TruNaked Waterproof Eyeliner Madina True Deep Eyeliner Bite Lipstick in Chai NYX Powder Blush in Pinched Dress: ASOS

FACEMAID Four Roma. My favorite products used to channel my inner Black Orchid.
COVERGIRL TruNaked Waterproof Eyeliner
Madina True Deep Eyeliner
Bite Lipstick in Chai
NYX Powder Blush in Pinched
Dress: ASOS

Color Overload!!! Vintage YSL Skirt Vintage Blouse from a Parisian Vintage Store Shoes: Miu Miu

Color Overload!!!
Vintage YSL Skirt
Vintage Blouse from a Parisian Vintage Store
Shoes: Miu Miu

My favorite nail laquer for travel. No top coat necessary!! COVERGIRL Outlast in Red-dy and Willing

My favorite nail laquer for travel. No top coat necessary!!
COVERGIRL Outlast in Red-dy and Willing







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Fleming{o} Dreams…

On my last morning in Sardinia, my lovely waitress Alicé told me of a Sardinian park, home to thousands of flamingos. Like a poodle, my ears perked up! I taxied to the park’s information center, braving the heat (in sequin pants) and armed with Italian directions, set out to discover the family of some 15,000 flamingos, in all of their black, pink, and white splendor.

I trekked for three and half miles, coming to what was a literal crossroads. The sun was setting, I was sweating and  could barely decipher a word of the directions I was given. Like a scene from a movie, I looked left, then right, standing confused on which way to proceed. My fear of being too lost to find my way back, or worse, stranded without an ability to effectively communicate, I turned, and walked the path I knew. After seven miles of searching, I ended up back at the information center. The attendant, surprised to see me, inquired about my mishap. Standing together, I retraced my steps, using the map on her wall. She gasped, and showed me, had I taken right, (my first instinct) I would have seen the birds, only feet away.

This moment proved to be a metaphor for my life. Although it may seem unimportant, after all, we’re talking about Flamingos; to me it signified a lack of trust I have with myself, and my dreams.

Upon returning to New York, in what I refuse to believe was coincidence I began noticing flamingos everywhere. At lunch days later, a beautiful pregnant woman, sat next to me, in a white dress, covered with pink flamingos. I accepted this, as the Universe’s way of affirming my dreams, and the faith and trust I should have in them. So, onward, Flamingo, or Flemingo, Dreaming.




A Fleming, Flamingo theme day inspired by my travels, and this Flamingo Jumpsuit by Anthropologie.

Flamingo moments from the day.

Flamingo moments from the day.

Blue Flamingo Party

Blue Flamingo Party


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One, but not done! Happy Birthday Facemaid!!!

Within this space, I have found an outlet to express myself creatively, emotionally, and artistically, while sharing and celebrating the beauty I am blessed to experience in this non-traditional career (I was supposed to go to Law School), in the most dynamic city in the world (mostly New York), with my family, friends, and clients(too many to name!)  I wanted this to be a space of beauty, to share and celebrate the places, people, and product that add a little, or a lot, of pretty in my life.

I have learned so many things since launching this blog:  To author the definition of my name, no matter how unconventional, to use my voice, because I have things to say; and most of all, during the moments my brain has felt empty, to equally celebrate and appreciate the little things, where the most beautiful lessons can be found.

We’re a year old, and this is just the beginning!!!  There are so many adventures to come.:)FullSizeRender-106

THANK YOU, for stopping by, and letting me share with you!!!

exes and oohs,

Jennifer Fleming,





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Besos | Barcelona

It felt as though someone from everywhere in the entire world set out for the beaches of Barcelona that weekend; and it was the third stop on my own personal Eat, Pray, Love excursion.

Barcelona is warm, sexy, and casual. Where couples stop to kiss in the street, overcome with passion, defeated by anticipation.

Feminine details can be found within the city’s architecture, as if the buildings were stenciled in concrete lace; and floral elements embedded in the masonry, giving an air of romance affirming the passion of the culture.

And so, I adorned my hair with flowers, like Frida; and draped my shoulders with lace, mimicking the buildings around me.

Warm bright eyes, signature red lips, and big, strong brows, lure Spanish expressions whispered in Catalan…with words that fall deaf upon the ears, yet understood by the eyes…





…Lacy Details in the Gothic Quarter...

…Lacy Details in the Gothic Quarter…

Deep Red Lips, and Hair Roses… Eyes: Makeup Forever Lips: MAC Cosmetics, COVERGIRL

Deep Red Lips, and Hair Roses…
Eyes: Makeup Forever
Lips: MAC Cosmetics, COVERGIRL

…Floral, Feminine Inspiration...

…Floral, Feminine Inspiration…

An obvious feast of Sangria, tapas, and paella; and tapas, sangria, sangria, sangria…

An obvious feast of Sangria, tapas, and paella; and tapas, sangria, sangria, sangria…

…Romantic Details...

…Romantic Details…



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Beauty{Fall}| Makeup Inspiration

Colors mimicking your favorite Malbec, warm and rich; shades of marsala and mustard, apricot and eggplant…Fall is full of inspiration. The time of year we switch from rosé, to pumpkin spiced everything; and hints of autumn reveal themselves in the warm colors of foliage, and the beauty in aging leaves, synonymous with cooler climates.

My BeautyFall inspiration was inspired by the certainty in, and embracing of, transition…literally, and figuratively. An edit on my everyday red…an upgrade of a clean eye…with colors that feel like the leftovers of summer, and the anticipation of autumn.

What I love about this NARS eyeshadow, is how beautifully deceptive it is. For a complexion like mine, at first glance its impact isn’t obvious. However, on the skin, it warms up the eye with a hint of sparkle. {On a lighter complexion, it works as a beautiful shadow liner by day, and smokey eye by night. :)}

I wanted my lips layered with an intense base tempered with warm shades of red like the depth of autumn leaves, as if I’d kissed the leaves of The Cloisters’ trees.

As days become shorter, sunsets seem so much more intense. A walk through Fort Tryon Park was the perfect in-between-seasons moment. Mother Nature’s torment between what was Summer, and what is becoming, Fall.



Beauty Fall


A Change Is Gonna Come…The Cloisters at Ft Tryon Park


The Fall Beauty Crew NARS Eyeshadow Duo in SURABAYA NARS Velet Matte Lipstick in TRAIN BLEU NARS Audacious Lipstick in RITA


Fall V. Summer at Sunset


Inspiration by Nature


Warm Sun, Warm Eyes, Warm Lips…Cool Air


Lets Walk Through The Park



Sunset With A View

Sunset With A View


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Luxuriate In Laruicci | Megawatt Jewelry

A Detroit girl gone global, Lauren Ruicci was clearly born with serious cool-girl allure. Having studied extensively in Florence, Italy, she gives a nod to Linda Loppa and Pattie Wilson as influences. However, her creativity at finding inspiration in Aunties and automotive alike, make it no wonder her brand, Laruicci, is blowing up all over the world. Much like her presence, Laruicci exudes strength mixed with sass- think Megawatt Jewelry meets Wonder Woman. The result: instant superpower potential.

After a chance meeting over coifs at Didact Hair Building in Paris’ Marais; I had the privilege of previewing her most current collection, inspired by a girl biker gang, cruising down the Almafi coast. Her vision, aptly displayed in the textures and color (opaque white) of each piece, gives a nod to Italian décor and the architecture of vintage Italy, southern style.

Each Laruicci collection has a distinct story, where more is more or less can be made more, layered with Laruicci. Now, luxuriate here.


Laruicci Overload

Laruicci Overload


You Have The Right To Remain Cuffed

You Have The Right To Remain Cuffed

If Wonder Woman Wore Rings...

If Wonder Woman Wore Rings…


The Leather-Clad Creative Rocking Her Label. #BOSS

The Leather-Clad Creative Rocking Her Label. #BOSS


Getting A Sneak Peek…

Biker Girl Gangs!

Biker Girl Gangs!

A Close-Up of the New Collection

A Close-Up of the New Collection

A Few of My Favs

A Few of My Favs




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Bodegas And Tutus | About Last Night…

We were hungry; even after a dinner of fra diavolo. My photog friend Kimberly’s obsession with corner stores, and my equal obsession with tutus, we decided to embark on one of New York’s most consistent late-night gifts- the neighborhood bodega. But first, let me throw something on…





Hungry Harlem Nights...

Hungry Harlem Nights…

…I'll Have One of Everything...

…I’ll Have One of Everything…

…Eyes vs. Stomach… Shirt:  J. Crew Tutu:  Asos Belt:   Vintage

…Eyes vs. Stomach…
Shirt: J. Crew
Tutu: Asos
Belt: Vintage

…Food For Thought...

…Food For Thought…

…Happy Face...

…Love, and Food, Conquers All!…:)

Photography By:  Kimberly Anderson @HowtoKIM

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तपाईं धन्यवाद Prabal | Prabal Gurung SS2016

Under amber lights, 28 monks emerge, and with clasped hands, begin chanting a prayer of gratitude; Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2016 opens. Suddenly I was emotional, not because I understood the prayer, but because I felt it, you could feel it, elevating the anticipation of what was to come…

Airy whites and soft saffron silhouettes in luxurious textiles float down the runway like Nepalese angels. An evolution begins, from fille to femme, timid to tigress, without losing a hint of grace; expressed in color, celebrating the strength of the shoulder in paint-stroked shades of cadmium, carmine, daffodil, dandelion, and embroidered textures brought to life in orange, copper and gold metallic. Beaded carbon elements add depth to the delicate…

Watching, was like witnessing a metamorphosis; the evolution of a being, be it human, soulful, or geographic, conveyed through fashion.  The show closes with the strength and boldness of vermillion, symbolizing perseverance through darkness, re-birthed with boldness.

It was only after the show I learned of the designer’s inspiration: a nod of love to his native Nepal, her perseverance through pain and tragedy, and most of all, gratitude to the world that uplifted her.
तपाईं धन्यवाद Prabal.


The sun beginning to set before showtime!!!

The sun beginning to set before showtime!!!


…28 Monks…


…Prabal Gurung SS 1016…




…Coal Elegance…


…Final Look…


…What I Wore…

*NOTE*  All images from Prabal Gurung SS2016 are owned by the designer.  Please check out the full experience here.

To Donate to Nepal Relief Efforts click here.

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The 11th | New York City

Much like any relationship that takes effort to grow and thrive, I spent the summer rekindling my connection with the figurative ‘man’ in my life: New York City. I wanted to see him, simply, with new eyes. I discovered neighborhoods and hidden parks and gardens meticulously landscaped around silently aggressive sculpture. His boldness is intriguingly handsome. The personality of New York City’s skyline asserts itself through weeping willows giving architectural balance to stoic beauty. There are so many share-worthy moments however the history of this day required its own recognition.

For more than a decade, the 11th of September permeates the minds of us all, with memories recounting where we were when… Left is the resilience of a city cloaked in pride and reverence.  Standing at Gotham’s highest point, a memorial beams, and love is ingrained in the literal and figurative, honoring the sacrifice of so many, and those sacrificed, filling up the heart of an entire city.

Never Forget~


Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower





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