At-Last-Ka | Celebrating a Series of Firsts

An unexpected work opportunity arose marrying my bucketlist with a realized manifestation of my vision board wishes, welcoming moments of firsts: A first trip to Alaska, a first cruise, and a first time meeting O…yeah.

My first cruise came with an open invitation of camaraderie courtesy of O, The Oprah Magazine. The beauty of paths brought together; sharing soul moments filled with honest conversations of life experiences and learned lessons. People from all over the world, like totem poles, cemented through common ground and common goals, literally stacked, with faith, love, strength and friendship; some new, some renewed. The constant motion of cruising, docking, and setting sail again, and the relationships formed between, resembles a metaphor for life. In constant motion, we move slowly, adjusting, living, exploring, growing, and loving, along the way.

My first trip to Alaska, we set sail towards what would end of being a life affirming experience, nurtured by nature. A region so magnificent, garnering a respect and appreciation for the power of nature, confirmed to most certainly be a woman, and a mother. A pureness of life’s cycle, as the salmon attempts to outleap the bear, as land respects sea.  A literal reminder provided by Mother Earth, of the power of our presence in this world; a figurative nod towards respecting the beings around us, and their purpose and presence.

My first time meeting Ms. Winfrey was a powerful yet fleeting exchange, affirming the ‘how’ need not be questioned, as its answer lies in faith, the size of a mustard seed. If you can believe, I was literally left speechless. During her talk, I was humbled by her presence, as she spoke and I learned to listen to life’s whispers. Wisdom, whispered inward in words of our subconscious voice, guiding as gut instinct with glacial magnitude. Such advice supersized my soul, adding Angela Davis’ plea to ‘Stop cheating on your future, with your past,’ Glennon Doyle’s spirit of joy, the excitement of new friends, and an overall theme to live my best life, I left inspired, honored, full of hope, love, gratitude, and, well, cruise food.



Mother Nature, also known as Glacier Bay.

Catching beauty in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Giddy and grateful.

As delicious as it looks. Holland America Cruise eats…

I called them ‘O Notes’ left on our pillow each night.

Gratefully at the bottom of the totem pole.

This way…

View from the upper room.

A local coffee shop collects pins of people from ALL over the world.


Written by Facemaid