‘You Will’ | Words From Friends

I woke up confused; well maybe not confused, perhaps I should say in search of- something. Everything was perfect, but something felt off. I realized I missed New York a bit this morning. I missed my bathroom, my shower, the eggs I cook for breakfast. I missed my kitchen, my neighbor Sean, I missed familiarity.

I opened the first of a box of cards containing hand-written words of encouragement, from friends back in the States. I chose at random, sliding my hand in, eyes closed, the way a child does when retrieving a prize. Written on the card were two words: ‘You Will.’ The note, written by my friend Sarah, was encouraging, and uplifting. And I thought, ‘I will what??? What will I do?’

I walked downstairs to grab a coffee and write at the café that for some reason NEVER seems to be open, when it hit me. I will…EVERYTHING! I will explore. I will be open. I will… walk to a new café! (And realize on all four corners of my block, not one café was open!) As I walked back to the apartment I am living in, I discovered the one small, green market I have been meaning to pop into for weeks, La Petite Cagette was open! I WILL go in! It was lovely, and charming; and made me want to hop on the next train to Provence!

Instead, remembering a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator, I purchased apple juice, lime, cherries and of course one baguette. (I am in Paris after all.) Once back at the apartment, I made a random cocktail and decided to celebrate everything I will do today, starting by making myself a cocktail, at home.


An suspecting yet charming market.

La Petite Cagette

Beautifully Rustic Produce.

The morning’s bounty.


A moment, at home.


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