Mother Orchid | Spring at The Orchid Show

Behold the luxurious and mysterious romantic allure of the orchid. With its asexual regality, the orchid does not flirt, yet plays hard to get, making you lead with effort, giving special instructions for its maintenance that, if ignored, will surely abandon you. The orchid’s decorative, edible, and medicinal qualities, make it a flower that feeds all five senses. To nurture it requires commitment, and like the mate that elicits your best qualities, it teaches patience and perseverance.

Each Spring, the New York Botanical Garden celebrates this elegant flower with its annual Orchid Show. Thirty thousand species of orchids displayed and inspired by an ever-changing theme, is at perfect as it sounds. In a nod to this year’s Orchid show, and to celebrate the first week of Spring, I reminisce on last year’s ‘Chandelier’ event; daydreaming of being surrounded by thousands of species of floral bliss, in an explosion of orchids with varying personalities, each beautiful in their own complex way.

Walking through the exhibit ignites childhood memories of trips to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, picnicking with my mom, and inciting sensory cognition of floral notes that smell and feel new, and hopeful, like the first days of Spring.

love and hope,



This Way to Bliss!!!


Orchid Light


Beauty In All Forms


Surrounded By ‘Chandeliers’


Facemaid Four the Orchid Show: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Vichy Idealist MAC Pigment Christian Dior Lipstick

Captured, Capturing

Captured, Capturing


The Most Magnificent Display

Photo Credit: @erikasanz

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