The 11th | New York City

Much like any relationship that takes effort to grow and thrive, I spent the summer rekindling my connection with the figurative ‘man’ in my life: New York City. I wanted to see him, simply, with new eyes. I discovered neighborhoods and hidden parks and gardens meticulously landscaped around silently aggressive sculpture. His boldness is intriguingly handsome. The personality of New York City’s skyline asserts itself through weeping willows giving architectural balance to stoic beauty. There are so many share-worthy moments however the history of this day required its own recognition.

For more than a decade, the 11th of September permeates the minds of us all, with memories recounting where we were when… Left is the resilience of a city cloaked in pride and reverence.  Standing at Gotham’s highest point, a memorial beams, and love is ingrained in the literal and figurative, honoring the sacrifice of so many, and those sacrificed, filling up the heart of an entire city.

Never Forget~


Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower





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